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Friday Foodie: GetGo Cafe + Market

Hi, friends,

We have SO many places to eat in Indianapolis and I usually feel that I am on the pulse of all things food, but one slipped under my radar until now. Have you heard of Market District? The super fancy grocery store in Carmel with an on-site dietician and brie bar and make-your-own trail mix wall? Well, 1. They are full of pretty much everything amazing and 2. The same company (Giant Eagle) also owns the GetGo Cafe + Markets with fresh-made sandwiches, salads, fruit smoothies, and shakes for on the go! I had no idea you could get the same Market District food quality at a convenience store, so I had to check it out.

Husband and I made a stop last week to try out their new Checkered Flag milkshake, which arrived in stores just in time for racing season. It has Oreo pieces, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle and tastes DELISH! We walked inside, ordered at a touch-screen kiosk, and paid in the check-out line. I wandered around while waiting for our shakes to be freshly made and checked out all the additional available food items for my next visit.

GetGo, Checkered Flag Milkshake

GetGo has fresh subs, pretzel sandwiches, hot appetizers, and custom-made salads, among MANY other things. You can order at the kiosk, like I did, or order in advance from their app! The Giant Eagle App allows you to order and pay for all items on the full fresh menu, so you can grab and go without having to wait in any lines. I have been using order ahead for SO many things lately since Husband and I continue to have such chaotic schedules. I really appreciate the convenience of having something ready for me by the time I drive over to pick it up.

The other good news about GetGo for my readers outside of Indy? They have locations ALL OVER! So you can finally check out somewhere that I write about because I usually mention only single-location places. Here’s a full list here.

Well, I’m off to prep for a weekend full of study sessions and flashcards, but let me know if you’ve tried GetGo in your city!

Lindsay Sig

This post was created in collaboration with GetGo. All opinions are my own. 

12 comments on “Friday Foodie: GetGo Cafe + Market

  1. juliesenesac

    I have been to Market District but had no idea that GetGo had the same quality in their quick food options! That is great!! There seem to be more GetGos popping up around the Indy area!


  2. I’ve now seen this darn shake from two people I follow on instagram and it is not helping my pregnant waste line! I do not have strong will-power right now people! 😉 I love everything Indy500 so we’ll likely go check this out!


  3. I haven’t heard of Get Go but it sounds amazing and that shake looks SO yummy! ❤


  4. Alas, these GetGo Cafes and Markets are not in Masacchusetts. The nearest location to my house is 350+ miles away, in Maryland. As a bit of a health nut, they sound like a eatery that I’d enjoy.

    I like the touchscreen kiosks that some restaurants have added. I take WAY TOO LONG deciding what to eat when I go for lunch or dinner with my family or friends, so the kiosks relieve some pressure to choose quickly. Plus, they eliminate order specification confusions. In China, some of the McDonald’s even had them!


  5. I’m going to need that oreo shake like.. yesterday. MMMMMM!! Definitely making a visit here soon!

    Kate |


  6. twentysixmum

    I could read you foodie blog posts all day 😍 we don’t have anything this exciting in the UK, (well at least where I am) 😩❤️


  7. Thanks for the link sadly not one in my area, but prehaps by the time Imprefect Produce arrives in Indy one of these when arrive in my neighborhood 😂


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