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Friday Foodie: Annabelle’s Garden to the City

Hi, friends,

Let’s talk about CBD oil for a minute because EVERYONE ELSE is talking about CBD oil. I already knew that CBD oil was in the hemp family and was related to the cannabis plant, but that it had no psychoactive or abuse potential. I thought it was just something sold at health food stores for hipsters to take as a supplement. I was wrong, though, and have learned SO much it in the past couple of weeks since the oil is now being offered in multiple restaurants across Indianapolis. First of all, it used to be illegal in Indiana because people thought CBD was too closely related to THC, but now it’s not because you can’t get high from it or addicted to it. Second, there are multiple scientific studies (good ones!) about its potential to help with a variety of health concerns, such as seizures, anxiety, and drug withdrawal. I assumed it was just another supplement without any *real* clinical studies, but I was wrong! And third, it’s the new hotness so you will be hearing people talk about it and feel so informed because you read about it here.

Cauliflower Bites, Annabelle's Garden to the City

Which brings me to Annabelle’s Garden to the City, a new indoor farmstand one block away from my house in SoBro. The building is connected to Taste Cafe and used to be home to one of my favorite cocktails spots, Eat + Drink, which sadly closed last year. Annabelle’s is now offering farmers market goodness all year round along with a small menu of snacks, sandwiches, and smoothies. Husband and I stopped in to try a smoothie and ended up also trying Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, Sweet Potatoes Frites, and Zucchini Straws (we were hungry!). The interior is bright and airy with room to eat your snacks inside at a table or outside on the patio.

Farmers Market, Indianapolis, Indiana

Husband and I had a long chat with one of the owners who shared all about his delicious fruit and veggie smoothies, which can include even more health benefits with a CBD infusion. I, of course, want to try everything that is new and cool, so I ordered my Tropical Greens smoothie blended with some good ol’ CBD oil. Husband created his own smoothie from a list of fresh ingredients, but took a pass on the CBD addition. The owner told me I could expect to experience many benefits, such as a decrease in muscle pain, inflammation, and fatigue, within the next 20 minutes to 24 hours. I’m always a little doubtful about such claims, but I drank my smoothie anyway. I didn’t notice any change in flavor due to the oil infusion and sadly, did not experience any great benefits. Each smoothie comes in its own take-home jar, though, so that’s cute!

Sweet Potato Fries, Annabell's Garden to the City

Overall? I liked Annabelle’s, but wasn’t sure if the owner knew much about his new business. He didn’t seem to know that he would be competing in the same neighborhood as Locally Grown Gardens and Simplicity Cold Pressed Juice. He said his indoor farmstand provides produce to 20 out of 24 of the “best restaurants in Indianapolis,” but didn’t seem to know the names of those restaurants. I’m hoping his other business partner is a little more savvy about the local food landscape. They also could improve their social media presence as their lack of website and regular Instagram updates might leave them falling behind the other local produce purveyors. When reviewing the food, I thought the the cauliflower bites and fries were good, but Twenty Tap serves the same thing right down the street and they are AMAZING! I also didn’t experience any amazing benefits from my CBD-infused smoothie, so I don’t think I’ll pay the up-charge in the future. I guess I’m happy that I’m not in chronic pain or experiencing seizures, so maybe it’s OK that it’s not the right supplement for me. Everyone’s bodies are different and I’m thankful that other people are experiencing symptom relief from CBD oil.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Annabelle’s Garden to the City
5168 N College Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
(317) 925-2233

What is your experience with CBD oil? Is it showing up everywhere in your town?

Lindsay Sig

11 comments on “Friday Foodie: Annabelle’s Garden to the City

  1. The front of Annabelle’s is cute with a local feel. I like that they post the day’s available fresh produce. Not having an online presence will definitely hurt them against competition like the Taste Cafe and Twenty Tap that you’ve written about before. Where I live, not many local health/fresh produce eateries exist, so it might prosper here, but not in Indianapolis, which seems to burst at the seams with quality restaurants and shops. If they hope to establish a presence, one must hope that they up their game!


    • Haha, absolutely! The competition is fierce here! We had SOOOO many restaurants close last year, so I feel investment in social media and such is definitely worth the cost when it comes to longevity of a business.


  2. It sounds like a place that I would love. The food looks so yummy! Hopefully they will become a bit more business savvy. Social media is so important these days! ❤


  3. Very cool info on CBD. Thank you. I will follow your foodie blog, and check out the places next time I find myself wandering in Indianapolis. 🙂


  4. Laura Ridderman

    Fun review! I didn’t know what was going in there! Have you tried the buffalo cauliflower at The Table (the restaurant connected to Market District)? They are so good!


    • No! I haven’t! I loved buffalo cauliflower!! And I just reviewed Market District’s new convenience stores, GetGo, last week, but I still haven’t been to Market District! We should have a date there sometime soon.


  5. I’d never heard of this place until I read your blog! Thanks for sharing your review!


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