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Indy Guide: Anarchy Axe Throwing

Hi, friends,

This just in: Axe Throwing is the new Escape Room. And if you don’t know what an Escape Room is, I can confidently tell you that you are behind the times. Axe Throwing has become the new go-to date night/team building/group bonding activity that you never knew you needed until now. I had heard of axe throwing in larger cities, but apparently Indianapolis is pretty large because we now have axes popping up all over town!

Anarchy Axe Throwing, Indianapolis, IN

I wasn’t sure which place to check out first, so I went with the cheapest option (of course, lol) and made my way to Anarchy Axe Throwing on the north side of town by Castleton last Friday night. I talked Husband, my sister, and my sister’s new boyfriend all into going with me to check out this new entertainment addition to our city. No matter which location you choose, it’s important to plan ahead as some places only take reservations while others accept walk-ins. In general, I have found all the locations to have weird hours and confusing websites, but anyway…

Anarchy Axe Throwing, Indianapolis, IN

So, I showed up at Anarchy and wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. The exterior was part of a strip mall with an odd blinking sign that made me wonder if axe throwing was really a front for some other nefarious activities. And then I walked through the first set of dingy doors and noticed a very bad smell. I was just about to turn back around until I saw the interior set up for axes and it was adorable and well-designed, so I decided to stay. Pricing seems to vary depending on the night and I don’t think this business was doing so hot on the night we dropped in since they gave me the impression they would have accepted just about any amount of cash (we ended up paying $20 each for about 2 hours of axe throwing, which is the cheapest rate in town).

Anarchy Axe Throwing, Indianapolis, IN

After we figured out the payment system, we started throwing axes! We got a mini lesson and some warm-up time before our hosts explained several different games that we could play. This ended up being a PERFECT date night activity with some friendly competition. Also, you can BYOB, so we enjoyed some delicious fall cider to help us get in the appropriate axe mood (no food or drinks are available on site).

Overall, I was pretty bad at axe throwing. It’s way harder than it looks! My axe kept hitting the wall and then falling off. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I laughed SO hard the entire time and was very entertained watching the people around me as we all tried to win our silly contests. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the activity and the thrill of trying something new. I also got a good arm and shoulder work-out and was a tad sore the next day.

Anarchy Axe Throwing, Indianapolis, IN

In summary, I love axe throwing now and want to go again soon. I’d like it if Anarchy could clean up their sign and initial interior a little to take away some of the initial “creepy” factor, but other than that, I’m up for Round #2! I may try one of the other locations in the area so I can compare amenities, but I’ve decided axe throwing deserves to have a recurring place in my life.

Who else has gone axe throwing??

Anarchy Axe Throwing
9546 Allisonville Road, Suite 127
Indianapolis, IN, 46250
(317) 435-5595

Call or text for hours and appointments

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Indy Guide: Anarchy Axe Throwing

  1. Wow sounds interesting


  2. Two of my daughters went axe throwing in Kingston, Ontario, then the other two in Victoria, BC over the summer. We did try to go to one place literally down the road from one daughter but it was closing when we arrived. The funny thing is that none of the men in the family have made it! Perhaps too much of the real thing chopping wood. I am still waiting to be invited.


  3. This is SO interesting! And it sounds slightly dangerous! ;p Lol. Knowing my luck my axe would hit someone! Thanks for sharing! :p ❤


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