Roommates, Part #2

So, a long, long time ago when I was just a baby blogger, I shared about how I randomly bumped into my college roommate years after a tumultuous living situation (read it here).

But I never updated the story! The part about her responding to my email and saying that not only did she forgive me, but that if I hadn’t ratted her out so many times, she might not have gotten into trouble and been forced to make better friends. Better friends who eventually turned into a husband and multiple encouragement and accountability partners. And now she is so happy and loved and blessed and really just rocking out at life.

So, I was encouraged. Encouraged that even something like tattling and complaining could turn into something beautiful. And the world has enough confusing things happening that we may never understand, so I wanted to at least celebrate something that was turned to good and has a happy ending.

Roommates can be hard. You can be gentle.

Photo by Evan Kirby, Creative Commons

I’m still on vaca with my permanent roommate, but I’ll be sharing some adventures on insta and will be back soon. Happy hump day!

Lindsay Sig

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  1. Sweet story with a nice moral!

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