Tasting Tuesday: Pineapple Fruit Tray

Not going to lie, it’s been a rough week for cooking at the Bungalow. With Husband and I both going full speed ahead with classes, our dinners have looked more like Panera or cottage cheese. I bought all the ingredients to make scones…and I still have them, staring me down whenever I have a moment to open the refrigerator.

“But Lindsay, how will you keep on blogging with your crazy course load and new commute?”, you ask. “Such a great question!”, I say. Blogging, for me, is a path to self care. It helps me slow down and remember what I ate yesterday while reminding me that beautiful life exists outside of academia. I hope to maintain my blog, as usual, to practice mindfulness during the “during”. Because, as I learned from Glennon Doyle Melton, “We’re not a before and after story”.

However, you can imagine my delight when my wonderful Aunt Beth passed along her idea for Tasting Tuesday this week to help me out during this week’s food drought. How fun is this simple and creative food tray!? I usually made fruit salad in a bowl for guests, but this makes fruit more of a presentation piece instead of a passing dish. Let me show you how:

1. Simply cut a whole pineapple into quarters.

Pineapple Quarters

2. Take the core out of each quarter and slice each quarter into eight to ten chunks.

chunks of pineapple

3. Decorate with seasonal fresh fruit: grapes, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.

Pineapple with Grapes

4. Ta da! Fruit dish is served! Perfect as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.

Hope you enjoy this fun twist and many thanks to Aunt Beth for the great idea!

What will you make today? And when you’re done, want to bring some over? 🙂

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Tasting Tuesday: Pineapple Fruit Tray

  1. Pineapples are the best! Just had some pineapple and watermelon chunks with my breakfast this morning:)


  2. Cool Post, Cool Idea! Warm Regards, Lucas


  3. I will add that when you grill pineapples you get a warm succulent flavor that can not be beat. Great site and thank you for liking one of the posts on my site.


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