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Friday Foodie: Sangrita

Ahh, Mexican food. Spicy meat and salty margaritas-is there anything I like better? Probably not. Tacos are so important to me that Husband mentioned them in our wedding vows. And yes, I ate them last night. And the night before. Lucky for me, Indianapolis has a host of wonderful taco options and I try to equally spread out my patronage among them. I have no hesitation with driving to Fountain Square for La Margarita or La Revolucion, but I had to contain my excitement when I heard a new taco joint/”craft Agave spirits bar” opened in my Broad Ripple neck of the woods.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. One word: cozy. The small interior is decorated with wooden accents and dim lighting. Outdoor seating was full, so we sat in plush, upholstered blue seating with a tiny short table in front of us for food and drinks. It felt a bit disproprotional and didn’t invite lingering, but also added a unique factor.

On to the food. Sangrita‘s Latin American inspired cuisine is made fresh, from scratch, every day. Their menu is pretty small, so I would assume they are expecting the drinks to be the highlight of the meal. I ordered the Skirt Steak Tacos with sides of Refritos and Arroz to accompany my Margarita Classica. My friend tried the Pollo con Tequila Tacos with Calabarcitas.

Sangrita Saloon, Indianapolis
Photo by Erin Edds, Sangrita

I would say, “good, but not great”. I appreciate that my margarita was made with fresh cold pressed juice, but it was little watery without distinctive flavor. Since their “saloon” aspect is highly emphasized, I probably should have explored beyond the “classic” and would try something different if I went back. I enjoyed my tacos and beans, but no addicting bites that would compel me to return again and again.

No desserts yet, but I think they are being added soon.

In summary, I enjoyed my experience, but there is so much wonderful Mexican food in Indianapolis that I think Sangrita is really going to need to bring it in order to stand out. I would go again if friends invite me, but if not, you’ll find me at La Mulita.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Where else should I go to sample my favorite Mexican fare?

Lindsay Sig

8 comments on “Friday Foodie: Sangrita

  1. I’m a taco gal myself! šŸ™‚

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  2. We got great authentic Mexican food down where we live, too! Just about every place is absolutely delicious! Tacos are yummy, but I also love enchiladas!

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  3. Mexican food is my favorite! There is a place near us in Richmond that has the BEST black bean tacos!


  4. Come visit Maui and I’ll make you the best fish tacos you’ve ever had šŸ˜‰


  5. That looks too tasty!! Thanks for sharing! ā¤ –

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