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Friday Foodie: Petra Cafe

The new Petra Cafe on Mass Ave is like a Panera for all your Middle Eastern food cravings. You read the menu options from a large poster board, order at the counter, and pick up your food when ready. This location has pretty great evening hours, so you can grab some hummus or falafel after a show or really anytime you want a more budget-friendly option downtown.

I ordered the Chicken Kabob for my entree while Husband and my visiting brother both ordered the Gyro platter and Baklava. Both dishes came with rice and a side salad.


Let’s start with the ambiance: there is none. Just a few simple tables and chairs pushed together in a small space with a couple crooked pictures and some scuff marks on the walls. I don’t remember any music playing. Lights are bright. Bathroom needs to be cleaned and updated. Pretty basic stuff here.

But the food? My food was very tasty! The Kabob was cooked fresh to order, as evidenced by the “will take 10-15 minutes to prepare” warning on the menu. I liked the spices on both the chicken and the rice and really appreciated the side of cucumber sauce. Salad was boring, but most side salads are. I tried a bite of Husband’s baklava and it was delicious.

Overall? Quality of food is pretty good, considering the price point. The interior could use some modifications if I’m going to order anything except for take-out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lindsay Sig

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