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Indy Guide: 5 Restaurants to Impress Your In-Laws

I’m very lucky to have married into a foodie family. Husband and his parents also appreciate a good cheese board and some fresh beignets. They visit us about once a month to run Indy errands and to take us out for dinner where we sample calamari and fancy black rice. Although we have our list of go-to favorites, I am always on the lookout for somewhere new and fun to take them. I’ve crafted this list for those special occasions when you need a solid, creative chef-driven meal, an elevated atmosphere, or a classy dining experience. Make reservations and enjoy!


  1. The Loft at Trader’s Point. This is a regular on our rotation list and it makes perfect sense because who can resist literal farm-to-table food from an actual working farm in Zionsville?! We enjoy the fresh-picked produce and seasonal ingredients, along with the outstanding dessert selection.
  2. Cerulean. Not gonna lie, we visited here the first week this downtown restaurant opened several years ago after being regulars at the Winona Lake location and were not very impressed. BUT there is a new-ish chef who makes the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy dishes and desserts in town and we are now in love and repeat visitors. Ask to sit in the nest.
  3. The Eagle’s Nest. Go here for the view. It’s a revolving restaurant on top of the downtown Hyatt that has been in operation for decades. Although I think their menu could use some upgrades (it’s very traditional American cuisine), this is an elegant, “once every so often” must-have Indy experience.
  4. Meridian. The atmosphere in this quiet, upscale Northside restaurant is what I dream of for every cozy, romantic spot. The menu changes seasonally, so be prepared for some hits and misses, but I adore the patio, fireplace, and excellent service.
  5. Seasons 52. This is the ONLY chain restaurant on any of my “Indy Guide” lists (and if you know me, you know I am not a fan of chain restaurants), but this location in front of The Fashion Mall at Keystone gets included for the flavorful dishes, adorable tiny desserts, upscale atmosphere, and incredibly consistent service. They go the extra mile with handwritten cards for birthdays, bubbles and rose petals for anniversaries, and a special tolerance for bringing along babies.

Where else should I be taking my in-laws?

Lindsay Sig

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